Home Based Business Tips – 9 Tips For Writing Compelling Blogs and How it Advances Your Business

One of the most effective ways of enticing prospects to read your blog is to use the tricks and home based business tips that make all the difference between a click and move on or stop and read for content. Many people make the mistake of writing their blogs like brochures. The promotional language style won’t find you any readers. Writing blogs in traditional marketing manner is really quite boring.This is not to suggest that it is not possible to promote your product or service through your blog. However, you need to ensure that your blog does not contain any trading or marketing language. An ideal business blog cleverly intersperses useful and interesting content with self-promotion.Given below are 9 tips that will help you write compelling blogs which will eventually prove beneficial to your home based business.Getting started:First of all, you have to select a blog hosting service. You can find plenty of them on the net. Each one of them is easy to use and have their advantages and disadvantages. You can host a blog on your own website hosting service as well.1. A great interactive medium: You should not treat blogs as traditional marketing medium and it should not appear like an online brochure or advertisement. Use your blog to communicate with your customers and share knowledge in an informal and open manner. Use blogs for interaction.2. Writing style: I suggest you review many blogs of similar market areas and see what your eye is drawn to. Look at content, what does compelling content mean? You will need to develop quality writing skills; this improves of course with time and practice. The content must give value to your home based business customers. Ensure that either you or the person writing the blog should have in-depth knowledge of your product, service and your target market. This knowledge will affect language, colors and styles of your blog. Be clear on your key words, use in title, 1st and last paragraph and once or twice only in the article. Also if possible as you design your blog, choose very carefully your primary key word and work it into the URL of you blog.3. Avoid idle talk: While interacting with your customers don’t blather about your product or service or how good your entrepreneurial skills are or why readers should purchase your product. This is not only a turn off but a never to return to your blog.4. Negative hurts you: Never talk negative about your competitors or your fellow bloggers. Don’t make fun of them. Your readers are intelligent. They will form negative opinion about you and your product and service. This will get you black listed in the mind of people who read blogs and talk among themselves.5. Be original: Never resort to cut and paste job. Don’t take material from other sites and present them as yours. If you get caught, you will be dishonored and your business may slide into oblivion, not to mention getting banned.6. Captivating presentation: The layout of your blog should be engaging and pleasant. Don’t type in too small fonts. Your readers will not like peering hard into your blogs. A repulsive and unattractive design and setup of your blog can put your readers off. For example: black backgrounds are very difficult to read.7. Don’t spam: In the interest of your enterprise, never spam the world. Don’t send out unsolicited emails asking for links and attention. Use legitimate double opt in requests for people that want to receive regular copies of your blog. Put a sign up forum in your blog as an option. This will happen when you write quality content that is usable even if they never do business with you.8. Write well: Don’t build a sloppy blog with poor grammar and incomplete sentences. Ensure that all the spellings and grammar are in place. Have the layout sharp and appropriate for your audience. Remember to use photos or YouTube videos. Sound and color help keep people on your page but do not over do it.9. Up Date Regularly: You have 3 to 5 seconds to catch the eye of your reader. Also readers get bored with lengthy posts. It is much better to take a long post and divide it into two articles. Update your blog regularly. Keep your posts short, lively and loaded with interesting content. You can add your twitter feed and news feed into the bottom of the blog, rather out of the way, but it can daily update. Google and others wants to see fresh content.The above mentioned home based business tips are the great way to get in touch with your potential customers and enhance the reputation of your business. If you do a well designed profile as well, and have how to contact you easy to find, your business will be well represented.